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14 lb. chicken
3/4can beer or cola
2tsp olive oil
1tbsp worchestershire sauce
Clean the chicken discarding the giblets. Blot dry with paper towels.

Open the top of the beer can to allow addition of ingredients.

1tsp mild chili powder
2tsp salt
2tsp light brown sugar
1tsp pepper
1tsp ground cumin
1/2tsp garlic powder
1/4tsp cayenne pepper
Alternately, any favorite rub or seasoning can be used. One recipe suggests olive oil, basil, pressed garlic, salt, and cayenne pepper.

Sprinkle 2 tsp. of rub into cavity of chicken. Drizzle oil over outside of bird and rub or brush all over the skin. Sprinkle outside of bird with 1 tbsp of rub and rub all over the skin. Add remaining rub and the worchestershire sauce into the beer/cola can and place the can onto a baking dish. Place the chicken (legs down) over the open can.

Bake at 350 degrees for 1-1/2 hours or until the wings become loose.