Beef Jerky-Doug Bratten
Beef Jerky-Bonnie Miller
Stuffed Celery-Sarah Bratten
Cheese Ball-Ronda Rehn
Cheese ball-Joan Erickson
Hot cheese puffs-Sarah Bratten
Chinese drummettes-Jeanne Erickson
Cocktail meatballs-Jeanne Erickson
Creamy seafood ball-Jeanne Kunst
Deviled eggs-Iny Bratten
Garden pizza-Jeanne Kunst
Deluxe fajita nachos-Iny
Oyster cracker snacks-Tina Miller
Liverwurst ball-Iny Bratten
Salmon ball-Iny Bratten
Vegetable bars-Iny Bratten
Veggie bars-Arlene Reimer
Herb butter-Paula Puckett
Cheeze whiz-Vi Erickson
My favorite dip-Sheila
Fruit dip-Sue Cole
Festive fresh fruit dip-Sarah Bratten
French onion dip-Jane Erickson
Salsa-Sue Cole
Sandwich spread-Lila
Seven layer dip-Iny
Shrimp dip-Bonnie Miller
Shrimp dip-Iny Bratten
Spinach dip-All the Brattens
Swiss vegetable dip-Jane Erickson
Taffy apple dip-Jane Erickson
Tartar sauce-Sarah Bratten
Tomato relish-Vi Erickson
Orange relish-Sarah Bratten
Zucchine relish-Carol Rehn
Dill pickles-Sue Cole
Turmeric pickles-Carol Rehn
Dill pickles-Bonnie Miller
Sweet pickles-Mary Puckett
Salad dressing pickles-Vi Erickson
Refrigerator pickles-Mary Pucket
Crispy lunch pickles-Mary Puckett
Bread and butter pickles-Elaine Bratten
Bread and butter pickles-Bonnie Miller
Pickled green beans-Sue Cole
Beet pickles-Iny Bratten

Glurch splurch-Jeanne Kunst
Homemade play dough-Vi Erickson
Apple juice-Vi Erickson
Hot chocolate-Mary Puckett
Hot buttered rum-Don Bratten
Punch-Iny Bratten
Sunshine punch-Elaine Bratten
V-8 Juice-Lila Lind
Fruit smoothie-Elaine Bratten
Cran-raspberry yogurt shake-Elaine Bratten
Cranberry wassail-Sarah Bratten
World famous wassail-Larry Rehn
Popsicles-Krysta Miller
Fruit slush-Lisa Hughes
Orange julius-Elaine Bratten
Russian tea-Elaine Bratten
Cranberry tea-Elaine Bratten
Banana bread-Elaine
Banana bread-Vi
Banana bread-Sarah
Banana coffee bread-Deanna
Whole wheat banana bread-Arlene
World's best banana bread-Iny
Chocolate chip banana bread-Carol
Carrot bread-Mary
Cherry nut round bread-Mary
Cranberry orange bread-Elaine
Lemon poppyseed bread-Carol
Pumpkin bread-Iny
Pumpkin bread-Carol
Strawberry bread-Sarah
Strawberry bread-Jeanne
Zucchini bread-Iny
Zucchini bread-Sheila
Amish friendship bread-Iny
Amish friendship starter-Iny
Buttermilk wheat bread-Elaine
Oatmeal bread-Elaine
English muffin bread-Bonnie
Mom's swedish rye bread-Elaine
Cheese bread-Jo Rehn
Sweet bread-Jim Puckett
Light whole wheat-Jim Puckett
Applesauce cinnamon bread-Mary
Lisa's whole wheat bread-Lisa
Lisa's whole wheat bread-Elaine
Cracked wheat bread-Sue Cole
Whole wheat bread-Sue Cole
Pita bread-Sue Cole
Flat bread-Carol

Buttermilk pancakes-Kerry Doring
Buttermilk Pancakes-Carol
German apple pancakes-Carol
Pancakes-Jeremy Bolter
Light 'n crisp waffles-Arlene
Cinnamon crispies-Jeanne
Biscuits like Hardees-Arlene Reimer
Caramel rolls-Stephanie Walton
Cinnamon crescent rolls-Vi
Orange twirls-Vi
Buttons and bowknots-Jeremy Bolter
Overnight caramel rolls-Tina Miller
Peanut butter sweet rolls-Sue Cole
Old fashioned cinnamon rolls-All
Lingonberry coffee cake-Elaine
Streusel coffee cake-Jeremy Bolter
Swedish rusks-Vi Erickson
Citrus glaze-Sarah
Lefse-Irene Doring
Aunt Clara's hardtack-Sue Cole
Apple fritters-Deanna Mandery
Blueberry fritters-Arlene
Drop doughnuts-Lila
Angel food doughnuts-Carol
Apple bran muffins-Mary Puckett
Banana muffins-Jeanne Kunst
Banana poppyseed muffins-Sarah
Blueberry muffins, lowfat-Linda Wax
Blueberry muffins-Arlene Reimer
Blueberry muffins-Elaine
Bran muffins-Elaine
Bran muffins, healthy-Iny
Bran muffins, ice box-Jo Rehn
Cranberry muffins-Sarah
Cranberry muffins-Carol
Lowbush cranberry nut muffins-Elaine
Lemon poppyseed muffins-Carol
Pumpkin apple streusel muffins-Elaine
Pumpkin pecan muffins-Carol
Raspberry muffins-Vi Erickson
Rhubarb muffins-Elaine
Apple bundt cake-Elaine
Alma's apple cake-Irene
Apple coffee cake-Elaine
Applesauce cake-Mary
Banana split cake-Sherry Klein
Cherry chocolate cake-Carol
Chocolate sheet cake-Elaine
Cranberry cake-Sherry Klein
Dessert cake-Iny
Devil's food cake-Elaine
Dirt cake-Vi
Dirt cake-Jo
Dump cake-Lila
Dump cake-Vi
German chocolate upside-down cake-Arlene
Ice water cake-Vi
Lemon delight pound cake-Elaine
Mandarin cake-Lila
Midnight cake-Elaine
Oatmeal cake-Elaine
Orange kiss-me cake-Elaine
Tropical orange cake-Iny
Peach delight-Iny
Jello poke cake-Mary Puckett
Imperial pound cake-Sherry Klein
Old fashioned rhubarb cake-Elaine
Rhubarb cake-Elaine
Rhubarb upside-down cake-Elaine
Boiled spice cake-Elaine
Turtle cake-Sarah
Wacky cake-Deanna
Whipped cream cake-Elaine
Silver white cake-Vi

Patty cake frosting-Vi
White buttercream icing-Vi
Fluffy white frosting-Elaine
White frosting-Carol
Chocolate frosting-Carol
Chocolate frosting-Iny/Vi
Caramel frosting-Elaine
Penuche icing-Elaine
Chocolate icing-Lind sisters
Brownies for a crowd-Lind sisters
Applesauce fruitcake-Vi
Mom's fruitcake-Carol
Jelly roll-Elaine
Peanut butter cupcakes-Mary Puckett
Zucchini brownies-Jeanne

Razzle apple streusel bars-Elaine
Caramel bars-Sue Cole
Cherry bars-Tina
Cherry bars-Vi
Chewy chocolate chip bars-Jeanne
Chocolate cherry bars-Bonnie
Sour cream fudge treats-Carol
Frosted banana bars-Bonnie
Dream bars-Carol
Graham cracker bars-Lila
Lemon squares-Elaine
Triple layer lemon bars-Lisa
Macaroon cookie bars-Bonnie
Molasses cake bars-Vi
Nut goodies-Jeanne
Nut goodie bars-Carol
Pecan tassies-Bonnie
Pecan turtle bars-Sue
Peanutty chewy bars-Iny
Pumpkin eater's bars-Vi
Pumpkin pie squares-Carol
Peanut butter bars-Arlene
Frost on the pumpkin bars-Jeanne
Raisin bars-Sue Cole
Raisin bars-Wendy
Raisin bars-Vi
Rhubarb strawberry bars-Mary
Rocky road dream bars-Wendy
Seven layer bars-Jo
Special K bars-Irene
S'more bars-Linda Wax
Tootsie roll bars-Sue Cole
Walnut fingers-Elaine
Yummy bars-Deanna
Butterscotch clusters-Lisa
Caramels-Jim Puckett
Caramel marshmallows-Deanna
Caramel corn-Sherry
Cheerio snacks-Lisa
Cherry mash candy-Iny
Chocolate mound candies-Iny
Chocolate covered cherries-Lila
Chocolate cherry creams-Elaine/Carol
Crunchy butter toffee-Elaine
Choco nut caramel candy-Mary
Chow mein noodle candy-Lisa
Cream cheese fudge-Lisa
Fanny farmer fudge-Sherry
Double decker fudge-Bonnie
Ice cream fudge-Jeanne
Sour cream fudge-Elaine
Mounds bars-Bonnie
Oh Henry bars-Theresa Bratten
Peanut butter cups-Lila
Peanut brittle-Lila
Microwave peanut brittle-Sherry
Pecan logs-Lila
Popcorn balls-Lisa
Popcorn balls-Carol
Puppy chow-Lisa
Rice Krispie balls-Sarah
Salted nut rolls-Carol
Sponge candy-Elaine
Strawberry candy-Vi
Super delicious bars-Lisa
Swedish nuts-Arlene
Raspberry jelly-Iny/Carol
Cranberry jelly-Iny
Rhubarb jam-Elaine
Rhubarb apricot jam-Lila
Winter blueberry jam-Lila
Berry syrup-Lila
COOKIES section
Aggression cookies-Kerry Doring
Angel food cookies-Lind sisters
Glazed fresh apple cookies-Mary
Banana nut cookies-Lisa
Candy cane cookiesElaine-
Chewy brownie cookies-Carol
Chocolate cheery thumbprints-Iny
Chocolate sugar cookies-Iny
Chocolate cookies-Lisa
Chocolate butter cookiesArlene-
Chocolate drop cookies-Elaine
Chocolate oatmeal cookies-Linda Wax
White chocolate cookies-Wendy
Chocolate walnut wafers-Iny/Elaine
Quaker chocolate chippers-Stephanie
Oatmeal coconut chocolate chip-Carol
Soft Chocolate chip cookies-Sue Cole
Chocolate chip cookies-Stephanie
Chocolate chip cookies-Lisa
Chocolate chip cookies-Carol
Christmas cookies-Grandma Lind
Corn flake cookies-Iny
Date drop cookies-Grandma Lind
Filled cookies-Elaine
Frosted creams-Lila
Funny face cookies-Jeanne
Frying pan cookies-Jeanne
Gingerbread cookies-Mary Puckett
Ginger cookies-Linda Wax
Gingersnap cookies-Vi
Lemon oat lacies-Elaine
Lovely cookies-Vi
Million dollar cookies-Mary
Soft molasses cookies-Carol
Soft molasses cookies-Vi
Soft molasses cookies-Grandma Lind
Molasses sugar cookies-Lila
Molasses cookies-Vi
Raisin molasses cookies-Carol/Mary
Oatmeal scotchies-Lisa
Oatmeal cookies-Tina Miller
Oatmeal cocoa chippers-Bonnie
Fat-free brownie oat cookies-Arlene
Rainbow oat S'mores-Linda Wax
Oatmeal refrigerator cookies-Linda Wax
Oatmeal crunchies-Lila
Oatmeal krispies-Lila
Oatmeal raisin crinkles-Elaine
Oatmeal brickle cookies-Elaine
Orange oatmeal wafers-Elaine
Oatmeal cookies-6 in 1-Sue Cole
Oatmeal filled cookies-Carol
Peanut butter drop cookies-Carol
Peanut butter cookies-Mary
Honey peanut butter cookies-Bonnie
Peanut butter temptations-Sarah
Raisin treats-Carol/Elaine
Raisin vanilla drops-Lila
Sugar raisin cookies-Lila
Ranger cookies-Irene Doring
Rice Krispie cookies-Mary
Russian teacakes-Elaine
Sugar cookies-Mary
Sugar cookies-Mary
Sugar cookies-Carol
Sugar cookies-Lind sisters
Sugar cookies-Bonnie
Sugar cookies-Lila
Drop sugar cookies-Lila
Santa's whiskers-Mary
Seven layer cookies-Stephanie
Thumbprint cookies-Elaine
Trail cookies-Iny
Blueberry layered dessert-Iny
Cream cheese blueberry dessert-Kerry
Burnt creme-Iny
Butterfinger delight-Iny
Mother's cheesecake-Sarah
Cherry pizza-Iny
Chocolate pizza-Mary
Chocolate layered dessert-Iny
Creme de menthe cake-Iny
Devonshire cream-Sarah
Earthquake dessert-Sarah
Finnish puff-Wendy
Fruit salad-Irene
Fruit pizza-Iny
Frozen fruit cup-Joanne
Glorified rice-Iny
Graham cracker marshmallow dessert-Elaine
Graham cracker dessert-Mary
Hot fudge topping-Iny
Hot fudge sundae cake-Iny
Ice cream-Elaine
Snow ice cream-Iny
Easy ice cream-Iny
Tin can ice cream-Carol/Mary
Lemon roll-Elaine
Lemon pudding cake-Iny
Powdered sugar glaze-Wendy
Pumpkin cake roll-Iny
Pumpkin delight-Iny
Rhubarb betty-Elaine
Strawberry rhubarb puff-Kerry
Swedish fruit soup-Vi
Swedish pastry-Mary

Pie crust-Theresa Bratten
Pie crust-Iny
Apple pie filling-Lila
Green apple pie-Irene
Blueberry pie filling-Patti Rehn
Blueberry pie-Carol
Banana blueberry pie-Arlene
Cerry crunch pie-Jane
Coconut custard pie-Carol
Impossible pie-Deanna
Key lime pie-Elaine
Lemon meringue pie-Elaine
Sour cream lemon pie-Iny
Mud pie-Iny
Peach parfait pie-Elaine
Raspberry pie-Carol
Rhubarb strawberry pie-Carol
Strawberry pie-Iny
Strawberry pie-Jeanne
Walnut pie-Bonnie
Zucchini pie-Vi
Apple crisp-Jeanne
Apple crisp-Stephanie
Apple crisp-Kerry
Apple crisp-Carol
Granny smith apple crisp-Sarah Bratten
Blackberry cobbler-Elaine
Cherry crunch dessert-Elaine
Rhubarb crumble-Iny
Rhubarb crunch-Arlene/Vi
Rhubarb cherry crunch-Carol

Banana pudding-Iny
Old fashioned bread pudding-Mary
Creamy chocolate pudding-Jane
Coconut rice pudding-Carol
Cranberry mousse-Bonnie
Swedish pudding-Vi
Rice pudding-Carol
Easy morning breakfast-Ronda Rehn
Breakfast eggs-Sarah Bratten
Sunday breakfast casserole-Iny
Sunday breakfast casserole-Jon
Quiche-Sheila Bratten

Steak and rice-Elaine
Beef burgundy-Sherry Klein
Venison steak and rice casserole-Arlene
Beef and broccoli-Elaine
Barbecue beef sandwiches-Sherry Klein
Beef stew (crock pot)-Sherry/Mary
Green chile burros (crock pot)-Sherry
Crock pot roast-Mary
Oven baked stew-Mary/Carol
Pot roast in beer-Don Bratten
Roly poly-Elaine
Mom's pressure cooker stew-Stephanie

Cheese strata-Lisa
Barbecued pork chops-Elaine
Barbecued ribs-Irene
Teriyaki BBQ sauce-Elaine
Sweet and sour sauce-Joan Erickson
Marinated pork loin-Sarah
Basic marinade-Elaine
Oriental marinade-Elaine
Country style pork ribs-Wendy
Fiery sweet BBQ sauce-Wendy
Wiener wraps-Jeremy Bolter
Wiener bean bake-Deanna
Microwave spanish rice-Carol
Spanish rice-Elaine
Pork chops and stuffing-Mary
Pork roast (crock pot)-Jo Rehn
Lasagna-Sarah Bratten
Norwegian pizza-Jane
Oven porcupines-Bonnie/Jane
Lasagna-Jeanne Kunst
Mexican street food-Stephanie
Ground beef with spaghetti-Elaine
Spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce-Elaine
Stuffed peppers-Mary Puckett
Hamburger pie-Sue Cole
Hamburger rice casserole-Iny from Irene Bratten
Beef and rice-Arlene
Minnesota hot dish-Sue Cole
Baked chop suey-Jeanne Kunst
Cabbage hot dish-Sue Cole
Tortilla casserole-Mary
Taco casserole-Jane
John's tomale pie-Wendy
Baked beans-Jeanne
Calico beans-Carol
Calico beans-Carol
Sloppy joes-Elaine
Barbecued mooseburgers-Iny
Wild rice casserole-Paula Puckett
Wild rice hot dish-Jeanne
Burger wild rice bake-Elaine
Tater tot hot dish-Jane
Dollie's casserole-Jeanne
Rice krispie hot dish-Vi
Company hot dish-Vi
Salisbury steak-Bonnie
Hunters stew-Carol
Meat loaf-Jane
Sweet and sour meatloaf-Jo
Bear river mulligan for brunch-Laurel Lind
Swedish potato sausage-Vi
Swedish meat balls-Vi
Meat loaf-Irene
Mini meat loaves and vegetables-Arlene
Wild rice tuna hot dish-Iny
Barbecued grilled salmon-Jo Rehn
BBQ halibut-Iny
Halibut casserole-Sarah
Baked halibut olympia-Iny
Heart-y halibut-Elaine
Oven baked halibut steak-Elaine
Salmon loaf-Mary/Elaine
Salmon loaf-Carol
Salmon patties-Elaine
Salmon croquettes-Sarah
Beer batter for walleyes-Arlene
Butter poached walleye-Vi
Halibut beer batter-Wendy
Marinade for fish/chicken-Kerry
Salmon teriyake-Sarah

Japanese chicken wings-Joan
Burgundy chicken-Carol/Mary
Chicken a la orange-Elaine
Stir fried chicken and pea pods-Mary
Pepper chicken-Sheila
Chicken divan-Mary
Oven barbecued chicken-Vi
Zesty chicken and rice-Jane
Classic herb chicken-Elaine
Chicken casserole-Kerry
Baked chicken and rice-Vi
Parmesan chicken-Sarah
Chicken cacciatore-Sherry
Chicken enchiladas-Sherry
Mexican hot dish-Theresa Bratten
Chicken and broth-Elaine
Chicken broccoli vegetable saute-Elaine
Chicken rice casserole-Linda Wax
Chicken broccoli casserole-Deanna Mandery
Chicken and rice-Jeanne
Chicken rice casserole-Elaine
Wild rice hot dish, chicken-Lila
Turkey pot pie-Carol
Bread stuffing-Carol
Crock pot grouse-Iny
Mexican chicken-Wendy
Chiles rellenos-Sheila
Broccoli casserole-Sheila
Shamrock casserole-Sarah
Homemade noodles-Theresa
Macaroni and cheese delight-Deanna
Corn broccoli-Jeanne
Refrigerator mashed potatoes-Iny
Garden vegetable pilaf-Sarah
Baked potatoes-Jeanne
Cream of mushroom rice-Tina Miller
Party potatoes-Bonnie
Party mashed potatoes-Vi
Scalloped potatoes-Carol
Scalloped potatoes-Mary
Oven baked potatoes-Jeanne
Oven fried potatoes-Sue
Potluck hash browns-Sarah
Truck stop fries w/gravy and cheese-Tina
Frozen creamed corn-Carol
Frozen sweet corn-Carol
BBQ baked beans-Iny
Onion rings-Tina
Swedish brown beans-Carol
Broccoli casserole-Jeanne
Italian dinner-Stephanie
Wild rice stuffing-Sue Cole
Cheese soup-Sarah
Broccoli cheese soup-Arlene
Cream of broccoli soup-Elaine
Hamburger soup-Iny
Hearty italian bean soup-Iny
Cream of potato soup-Wendy
Tomato soup-Mary
Chicken and broth-Elaine
Hamburger soup-Jeanne
Chicken and noodle soup-Elaine
Cream of chicken wild rice soup-Elaine
Minestrone hamburger soup-Iny
Pea soup-Iny
Cucumber salad-Sherry
Four bean salad-Elaine
Potato salad (large)-Lila
German potato salad-Sherry
Shoestring salad-Mary
Cauliflower cabbage salad-Sue
Cabbage salad-Mary
Broccoli mandarin salad-Elaine
Twenty four hour salad-Iny
Mandarin salad-Sarah
Pasta salad-Stephanie
Cottage cheese salad-Vi
Seafood salad w/crab louis dressing-Iny
Seafood salad-Tina Miller
Shrimp macaroni salad-Vi
Chicken rice salad-Wendy
Cherry fruit salad-Bonnie
Cherry salad-Mary
Cranberry salad-Iny
Pineapple cranberry salad-Iny
Delicious salad-Vi
Heavenly salad-Jane
Fruit salad-Iny
Fruit salad-Bonnie
Summer fruit salad-Jane
Layered fruit salad-Elaine
Pistachio salad-Vi
Watergate salad-Iny
Pretzel salad-Iny/Ronda
Yum yum salad-Jane
Strawberry jello salad-Elaine
Mom's potato salad-Stephanie
Pineapple dessert salad-Patti Rehn
Apricot jello salad-
Pea salad-

Cole slaw dressing-Mary
Spinach salad dressing-Sarah
Blue cheese dressing-Arlene
Boiling potatoes-
Pealing onions-
Recipe for preserving children-Irene Doring
A drop or two of vanilla-
Almond extract-
Keeping a cut lemon-
Scalding milk without sticking-
Add water to broiler pan-
Boil vinegar in new frying pan-
Adding lemon juice to rice-
Onion tears-
Prevent boiling over-
Measuring honey-
Hot pan on a wet towel-
Christmas Eve-Carol
Christmas Eve-Elaine
Growing up-Iny
Dedication poem-Don Bratten
Picking berries-Elaine
Making butter-Elaine
Picking strawberries-Iny
Keep an eye on the bread-Elaine
Mom's pressure cooker-Vi
Apple pie disaster-Carol
Cold house-Elaine
Up North to Littlefork-Lisa
Memories of the farm-Lisa
House in Savage-Mary
City kids visit the farm-Elaine
Staphanie's baking disaster-Lisa
Entertaining ourselves-Elaine
Getting off the bus-Iny
Alarm clock battles-Mike Bratten
Minnesota "Hot dish"-Elaine Bratten
Whale stew-Don
Elephant stew-Vi
Who cleans the fish?-Vi
Picking potato bugs-Carol
Permission to make fudge-Vi
Potholder soup-Elaine
Widow whist and flippin' the cookie-Mike
Eight mile bus ride-Iny
Short coffee long coffee-Mike
4th of July picnics-Iny
Blueberry face-Iny
Not the right Tina-Iny
Clean machine-Wendy
Smoked sturgeon-Iny
High toned dogs-Larry
Normal people-
Grandpa's time-
True character-
Dog has many friends-
Best of everything-
Serve with a smile-
Smart wife-
You can't miss it-
Wobbly wheels-
He who laughs-
Sleeping position-
Dabs of food-
Key to happiness-
Waiting for something-
Watch your pennies-
Kick yourself-
Kindergarten teacher-
Two important senses-
Good sleep-
Careful driver-
Middle age-
Educating kids-
Installation plan-
Kid with new shoes-
Too nice for chores-
Life is a gift-
Unfair calories-
Silent forest-
Door-to-door salesmen-
Wise husband-
Just one car-
Three ways-
Lost in thought-
Job you love-
Never too old-
Toy distroyer-
Tomorrow's flowers-
Each day-
Old fashioned repair-
Time and space-
People quit spending-
Automatic teller-
Do all you can-
People are like blisters-
Pretty good screwdriver-
One good thing-
Humorous cattle-
Shining sun-
Country mile-
Rain or cold-
Don't judge-
Not surprised-
Give an inch-
Keep on talking-
Itchy nose-
Buttonhole of life-
Small things-
Ladder of success-
Double your money-
Be remembered-
Starting a fire-
Fat free-
Chocolate cake-
Bread of life-
Fat free inspiration-
Can't have everything-
Dieter's inspiration-
Wish my heart could teach-
Meaning of loving kindness-
Best antique-
Mightiest oak-
Heaven by favor-
Guided morals-
Criticism and praise-
A little minute-
Money talks-
Days are like suitcases-
Open minds-
Recognizing opportunity-
Road to success-
If at first you don't succeed-
Big snacks, big slacks-
Memory stack-
If you growl all day-
Patience is-
Making ends meet-
Worry is like a rocking chair-
Total recall-
Counting years-
What to do today-
The last word-
Broad mind narrow waiste-
Generous people-
Age is only important for cheese-
Baseball weather-
Live each day-
April rains-
Good music-
Small town-
Three stages of man-
Swapping problems-
Winners and losers-
Blame yourself-
Short life-
Eye on the neighbor-
He who rolls them up-
Put off till tomorrow-
Darn wipers-